Are you fed up with your toilet’s low flush power or are you looking for the best high pressure flush toilet for your home. A majority of Long Beach Plumbers will tell you that a high-power flush toilet might be the solution if you notice that your drains are often clogged or you need to flush twice.

Types of high-power toilets

There are four types high-power toilets for residential use. They all have one thing in comun: they offer more flushing power that the standard gravity assisted toilet.

These are the high-power toilets you can choose.

  • Pressure-assisted. A compressed air toilet is a step above a gravity-assisted one. It uses compressed air to increase the power of your flush without using any more water. These toilets can be louder and more expensive.
  • Tornado Flush and Double Cyclone. Both toilets were developed by Toto and use pressurized jets to clean the bowl. These jets create a vortex flush, which pushes waste down and cleans the bowl. There are two nozzles for the Double Cyclone and three for the Tornado.
  • Double Vortex. Double Vortex is also found in American Standard toilets. It uses jets to produce a stronger flush. The water comes from the drain and the bowl. It flows in both directions simultaneously, creating a powerful flow.
  • Siphon Jet. What is a siphonjet flush toilet? This is a small, separate reservoir tank that can be installed alongside other systems. To increase the power of your flush, water is released using a vacuum pull.

How to increase your toilet’s flush power

Plumbers will tell you that increasing the toilet’s flush power can save you money on a new toilet. You can’t retrofit a low-flow toilet because of the way it’s built. However, you might be able to improve your current flush rate by keeping what you have. Here are some ways to keep your toilet running at a high level of performance:

  • Clogs should be checked. You can opt to have your drain unclogged before you decide to replace your toilet. Check your toilet drain for any clogs.
  • Adjust the tank’s floating. Check the water level in your toilet tank. Low water levels could indicate that there is not enough water to flush your toilet as you require. The float valve length should be adjusted to fit between the minimum and maximum tank dimensions.
  • Clean the rim jets. You can clean the jets that let out water during a flush with a thin wire if they get clogged up with mineral buildup. For an easy tool at home, unbend a wire coat hooker.
  • Use vinegar and baking soda toilet tank soaks. About a quart white vinegar is required. Find the rubber hose attached to the toilet tank’s overflow valve. Keep the tube in the tank and insert a funnel at the end. Let the vinegar cool in the tube for 15 minutes. Next, add a small amount of baking soda until the tube starts to hissing. Allow the toilet to sit for at least two hours before flushing.
  • Replace the broken flush valve. Locate the toilet tank’s flush valve. This is the part that lifts water when you flush. If you don’t know where it is, you can try moving the handle. Flushing power can be decreased by a damaged or cracked flush valve.

You can test it by adding a few drops food coloring to the toilet tank. If the color seeps into the water in your toilet bowl, it is likely that the flush valve is not sealing correctly and needs to be replaced. You should consider a new toilet if you have tried everything. We can assist you with toilet installation if you decide to install a high-powered toilet.

How to Convert Low-Flow Toilets to High-Flow

It is not possible to change a low-flow toilet into a high-flow, pressure-assisted one. It is possible to replace a gravity flush toilet with a pressure assisted flush toilet.

It might be a good idea to choose low-flushing power

A low-flush toilet with power can save water if you haven’t had any issues with your flushes. However, you should not flush twice. Many water-saving toilets are available with lower power and won’t leave your bathroom with half the volume.

Most Long Beach Plumbers will tell that a high-efficiency toilet saves water and still gets the job done. Dual-flush toilets can be used to offer a “half-flush” option for liquid waste, and a full flush for solid waste. If you don’t have any problems with this style, you can stick to a standard gravity assisted model.