Toilet rust is a problem homeowners often have to deal with. This can be caused by hard water, old toilet fixtures, or aging pipes. There are many ways to remove rust stains. However, there are some creative methods that can help make it easier. This blog will cover some unique and effective ways to remove rust stains on toilets.

Use pumice stone

A natural volcanic rock, pumice stone can be used to exfoliate skin. It can also be used to remove rust stains from your toilets. Use the pumice to gently scrub the rust stains in a circular motion. It is safe for porcelain toilets. However, it can scratch other surfaces.

Coca-Cola is a great choice

Coca-Cola is a well-known soft drink. But did you know it can also remove rust stains. Coca-Cola’s acidic properties can help to dissolve rust stains making it easier to clean them away. Let the can of Coca-Cola sit in the toilet bowl for several hours, or even overnight. Use a toilet brush to scrub the bowl and flush the toilet.

Use Lemon Juice or Borax

You can also remove rust stains by mixing lemon juice with borax. Borax, a naturally occurring mineral, is used to clean surfaces. Make a paste by mixing equal amounts of lemon juice with borax. Let the paste sit on the rust stain for 30 minutes. Use a toilet brush to scrub the stain and flush the toilet.

Hydrogen Peroxide is an option

Hydrogen peroxide can be used to remove rust stains. Combine equal amounts of hydrogen peroxide with water, and pour it into the bowl. Allow it to sit for 30 minutes before you scrub the bowl with the toilet brush.

Use a Rust Removal Product

If the rust stain persists despite trying several different methods, you may need to consider using a rust removal product. These products are specifically formulated to remove rust from toilets and other surfaces. To avoid any damage to the toilet, make sure you read and follow the instructions.

Rust stains are a problem that homeowners can have, but they’re not difficult to get rid of. This innovative method can make the job much simpler and faster. You can make your toilet bowl rust-free in no time using a pumicestone, Coca-Cola lemon juice and borax, hydrogenperoxide or any other rust-removing product.