Do you feel like there is a ghost in your home? It could be the plumbing. Pipes can make many different noises due to a variety of problems.

Rattles. Sometimes water travels through pipes and makes them vibrate against the framing members of your home. The fastest and most effective way to fix the problem is to attach pipe insulation sleeves to the pipes.

Chattering. Replace the faucet washers if pipes chatter when turning on faucets.

Water Hammer. This is a common sound in pipes called “water-hammer”. It occurs when water flows through pipes and strikes a quick-closing valve like the one found inside a washing machine or toilet.

A home’s plumbing system usually has short lengths of pipes that are filled with air to cushion the water while it comes to an abrupt halt. However, the air can eventually leak.

Water hammer can be solved by recharging the water supply system with water to cushion the flow of water at faucets.

Turn off the main water supply valve and then drain the water by opening every faucet in your house halfway. Next, close the lowest faucets. Turn on the main water supply. Continue working your way through the house, closing the lowest faucets as the water starts to flow.