Water leaks are dangerous if you don’t know where to look or what to do. You need to locate the source quickly to avoid a disaster.

These are ways to find out if your plumbing is leaking. Be aware of signs of water damage. Take the time to inspect your home for unusual smells and water sounds.

Take a look at your water bill. An average household uses about the same amount every month. A leak in your property could cause sudden increases in your water bills. Check the bathrooms. If the water in the bathroom is not filling up at the right time, this could be a sign that the flapper is worn down. If the bowl’s water has changed color, it is time to replace or repair the internal assembly.

Check your water meters. If water is not flowing through your pipes, turn off any water-using appliances. Next, take a look at your water meters to see what the reading is. A significant change in the reading could indicate that there may be a leak somewhere.

Use of outdoor water is important. Check that outside faucets work properly.