Whether you’re a home or business owner, chances are you’ll eventually want the help of a plumber to repair a catchy plumbing issue.

However, how do you opt for a qualified and reputable plumber that won’t only resolve the situation but also create a lasting relationship in the process? Discover the answer to this question and more using the following tips from our trusted plumbing repair company.

Many folks would rather have a plumbing issue resolved as quickly as you can then spending valuable time calling numerous plumbers.

However, with A1 Best Plumbing, you can rest assured that your plumbing is in good hands. Our plumbers work diligently and quickly while treating you and your home or business with respect.

What Attributes & Requirements Should I Look For?

Long Beach Plumbers share many common abilities, but the many qualified and skilled plumbers typically have the following attributes.


All prerequisites for plumbing licenses in California are set by local municipalities and counties. The state also requires both contractors and individual plumbers to be licensed, although which entity issues the permit is different.

Both individual contractors and contractors with a plumbing company get permits from the state, while individual plumbers are licensed by a municipality and/or county.


An apprentice is someone new to the plumbing trade and is currently enrolled in a training program. Classes and on-the-job training are generally utilized within an apprenticeship.


Journeymen plumbers have successfully completed an apprenticeship program or have at least four years of experience in the plumbing trade.


A plumber reaches the level of a master plumber after finishing at least two years as a journeyman and at least seven years of plumbing experience total. Certain California counties also have testing requirements for a plumber to pass before becoming a master plumber.


Choosing a plumbing company in Long Beach, CA that can supply you with proof of insurance is important. The state of CA requires a plumber to have at minimum general liability insurance with coverages of $100,000 for bodily injury and $25,000 for property damage.


A reputable plumber will understand the lasting impact professionalism has to every customer and job.

Professionalism means the plumber arrives on time, calls if they will be late, and answers any and all questions you may have. It also means your home and business are treated with care and respect during each appointment.


Friends and family members are a great source for finding a reliable plumber. The Better Business Bureau and other online home service-related sites are also a good source for finding reliable reviews of a plumber or plumbing company.

Does The Kind Of Property Matter When Choosing A Plumber?

At the center, all plumbing procedures perform the same task — bring fresh water to the home or business and carry away wastewater. However, building and zoning codes and regulations usually outline specific plumbing demands, which some companies and plumbers are skilled to handle, while others aren’t.

New Construction

When it comes to plumbing for new building, professional installation and proper design are crucial for effective plumbing function and system longevity.

It’s the ideal way to avoid leaks and other headaches after construction is complete and occupants go in the construction. No matter the size of your new construction project, we coordinate with each of our contractors and subcontractors to maintain the project on budget and on schedule.


A qualified and skilled plumber in Long Beach, CA will understand how to handle all kinds of residential plumbing issues. Home plumbing problems can range from nearly every issue imaginable, including leaking faucets and shower heads, leaking water heaters, and backed up sewer lines.


Commercial plumbing is considered a specialty area in plumbing on account of the various municipal codes to which commercial properties are topic.

Are You Currently Licensed & Insured?

License and insurance requirements are placed forth by municipalities and states to safeguard both the home or business’ property owner and the plumber.

Additionally, if a plumber’s workmanship is not up to par and they aren’t licensed and insured, you may be left with very little recourse for recovering damages.

Do You Provide Warranties Or Guarantees?

Professional and reputable plumbers stand by their job. This is often done with either a warranty or guarantee.

A warranty is generally a written guarantee that promises to repair or replace the serviced plumbing if an issue develops within a specified timeframe. A guarantee is also a warranty but usually not as well-defined as a warranty.

Who Can Perform The Work?

Sometimes a plumbing company assigns different jobs on a singular property to different plumbers, usually based on experience and licensing. However, it is always a fantastic idea to find out who will perform the work in case there is a discrepancy in credentials whenever they arrive.

Do You Offer Emergency Service?

If you’re satisfied with the work done by the plumber, ask if they or the company offers emergency service. This will be useful to know in case the shower springs a leak at two a.m., as you won’t have to spend extra time on the phone calling more than 1 company for a plumber.

Can You Estimate The Cost Of Service?

Based on the type of plumbing, the issue that requires repair, and the labor needed to repair the problem, the final cost of plumbing services can vary.

Most home and business owners want at least an educated estimate of how much the job will cost and an experienced plumber will be able to offer this information.

But, keep in mind there may be unidentified factors that aren’t apparent until the plumber arrives and starts to do the job. If this happens, the final price will probably be higher than the estimate.

What Can I Do To Protect Against The Issue?

Typically, plumbing issues are preventable with regular system maintenance and timely repairs. But it’s nonetheless a fantastic idea to ask what can be done to avoid a problem from recurring in between regularly scheduled plumbing services.

What Caused The Issue?

Calling a plumber usually happens when there’s a problem with the plumbing system. Oftentimes, determining the cause of common plumbing issues happens after services are performed.

However, an experienced plumber at Long Beach, CA will be able to explain the overarching cause of the problem before the work is finished, even if the issue needs multiple visits to resolve.

What Can I Do Before Selecting A Plumber?

When it comes to choosing a plumber, there is a good deal of information and variables to think about. Before you make a final decision, consider these three tips to ensure you choose a qualified plumber that provides services tailored to your property’s unique plumbing needs.

Call At Least Two Plumbers

Even if the first plumber that you call fulfills the necessary qualifications, it’s always a fantastic idea to get a second — or third — opinion. The more information that you have, the better educated the final decision is. Having more than one option will also enable you to assess pricing for services.

Make A Cheat Sheet

Make a list of the plumbers you’ve called and all the related information you’ve gathered, such as qualifications, what each company charges for services, and so on. By having this information in one location, it’ll be easier to compare each plumber side-by-side before choosing one for the occupation.

Pick What You Want Or Need Before Calling

Sometimes it isn’t easy to succinctly explain an issue over the phone. Take a few minutes — if possible — to think about why you are calling.

Even though the majority of experienced and qualified plumbers in Long Beach, CA can understand a situation in spite of scant information, it is always helpful to prepare a list of specific details about the plumbing issue to ensure you choose the right plumber for the job.