You will encounter a lot of toilet, sink, and bathtub problems, no matter if you live in your own home or rent an apartment. It’s not always possible to have a local Long Beach Plumber on the spot right away. So it is important to be familiar with common plumbing issues.

Toilet Will not Flush

This is often a simple problem that can be easily fixed. First, remove the tank’s lid and inspect the inside. The porcelain tank should have a link with a hook attached at the flushing handle, and a rubber stopper. Sometimes the hook or chain may simply fall out of the handle. It’s as easy as that! You are now back in business.

Broken Handle or Chain

Sometimes the internal flushing device can break due to a breakage in the chain or the handle (if it is plastic). You can remove any broken parts and place them in a bag. Then, drive to your local home improvement store. Find a replacement device in the plumbing aisle. Replace the bathroom that is broken. Boom! It is important to remember exactly where everything is before you take it apart.

Toilet Clogged

There are a handful of things that can block a toilet, and some toilets are sensitive due to their pipes. What can a homeowner do? It is highly recommended to keep a plunger in each bathroom. A plunger is a tool that has a rubber suction cup attached on a pole. The rubber suction cup is used to cover the internal toilet opening at the back of the bowl underwater. Push the tool up and down, forcing the clog down and into the sewer.

Garbage Disposal will not turn on

Garbage disposals can be used to dispose of food scraps. They grind it up and send it out through pipes. Sometimes, it will stall because of something. What should you do?

Before panicking and calling a local Long Beach Plumber, or replacing your disposal, you should open the cupboard doors to see below the sink. A tiny red button to reset the disposal is located on top of the cylindrical black garbage disposal. It is easy to push. Retry the switch. Most often, the garbage disposal will return to normal operation, much like magic.