No matter where you live, there will be many problems with your toilets, sinks, and bathtubs. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to get a Long Beach plumber on the spot. It is therefore important to know the basics of common plumbing problems.

The Toilet Will Not Flush

This can often be a very simple problem that is easily fixed. Remove the tank’s lid to inspect the inside. A link should be attached to the porcelain tank’s flushing handle. It should also have a rubber stopper. Sometimes, the hook or chain can simply fall off the handle.

Broken Handle or Chain

Sometimes, the internal flushing device may break due to a breakage of the handle or chain (if it’s plastic), and you can then place the broken parts in a bag. Next, go to your local hardware store. Our Long Beach Plumbers suggest you locate a replacement device in a plumbing aisle. Fix the broken bathroom. Remember exactly where it is before you disassemble it.

Toilet Clogged

There are many things that could block a toilet. Some toilets can also be blocked by pipes. A plunger is a tool with a rubber suction cups attached to a pole. Pull the tool up and push the clog into the sewer.

Garbage Disposal won’t turn on

You can dispose of food scraps by using a garbage disposal. You can dispose of food scraps by using a garbage disposal. You should not panic and call a Long Beach plumber to replace your disposal. Instead, open the cupboard doors to view below the sink.