These top plumbing mistakes are to be avoided.

Tossing Garbage in the Bathroom

Although most homeowners are savvy enough to avoid throwing large or random objects down their toilets, it’s possible that you might be shocked at the items our plumbers discover in a clogged drain.

Two of the worst offenders were identified:

  • Paper towels These should be thrown out with the garbage can
  • Flushable feminine hygiene products are not available. To clear the clog, a Long Beach plumber is needed.
  • Premium toilet papers – Although it might be good for your back, you’ll likely get a clog more often than your neighbor who uses “bargain” brands.

Pipes are not to be used in freezing temperatures during Winter

Take preventative measures if your pipes freeze. You should leave both the hot and cold faucets slightly open. If the temperature drops below 32 degrees, faucets will turn on.

Price Shopping for Long Beach Plumbers

Long Beach residents don’t have the luxury to be visited by a plumber unexpectedly. It is crucial to shop around for the best deal. Long Beach homeowners are not able to afford unexpected visits from a plumber. Low-priced businesses often have lower qualifications, which can lead to higher prices. Bad workmanship can lead to more expensive problems. Find a Long Beach plumber who is licensed and does excellent work for a fair price.

Repairs for “Small Problems”

Although a small leak might seem minor, it could be a sign of a bigger problem. It is possible to avoid major damage and other serious problems by calling your Long Beach plumber quickly.