We are seeing warmer weather, pretty soon.  Let’s discuss how to prevent flooding from your home using general maintenance and checkups.

Are Springtime and Flooding Pipes the Same Thing?

Spring is just around the corner, and water movement and drainage issues, as well as emergency plumbing calls, are key factors in spring cleaning. This is due to seasonal melting and high levels of water. Long Beach, CA is no different to other areas of the country. We all will have some plumbing issue as temperatures rise.

Clogged Drains

There are several types of drains and many feet of plumbing pipes in your home. These can become blocked and cause a major problem. Long Beach plumbers will be needed to help you. It is best to prevent a clogged drain from happening.

Be careful while cleaning out your sinks and drains during spring cleaning. It is common for people to not put certain items down the sink or drain. Some fluids such as cooking oil, harsh chemicals, or pet products, along with heavy paper goods and cotton swabs should be disposed off from your home’s plumbing and drainage system.

If you don’t, you will see the obvious results: clogged drains and flooding pipes, backed-up sewer lines, and many other headaches. Contact our team of plumbing experts immediately if you notice that any part of the water system isn’t working or isn’t being used properly.

Sump Pumps

An overflowing or clogged water/plumbing issue can be severe. Long Beach homes often have a sump pumps in the basement, crawlspace, crawl space, or laundry room. These are the areas where the majority of the drainage drains out.

Sump pumps are able to reduce excess water, whether it is from inside or outside problems. A sump pump can help regulate the springtime demand and save many of your outside sewer lines.

A combination of the diagnosis of your flooding problem and the use of an electric pump will help you solve your plumbing problems. We are happy to answer your questions as a qualified Long Beach plumber.