What do you understand about plumbing emergencies? They’re not all about fixing pipe leaks. An unattended plumbing system can cause major problems in your home or construction, including bathroom floodingand sewer line issues, clogged drains, etc..

No matter what kind of disaster breaks from your home, you need to call your emergency plumber at Long Beach, CA.

Nothing can be worse than a plumbing emergency just before holidays or special occasions at your home. Therefore, know the tips to follow to keep the situation under control until the plumber arrives.

Kinds of Plumbing Emergencies

Basement Flood: Being a nasty problem at home, it may cause significant strain for you. Stormwater invasion, pipe leakage or pump failure can cause a basement flood.

Toilet Flood: If the water after flushing does not go away and overflows on the floor, it is time to call an emergency plumber in OKC.

Clogged Drain: Disposal of leftover food, hair, grease, etc. from the kitchen sink can clog the drain. These wastes do not corrode in water and instead stay in the pipe, leading to water flow disturbance.

Water Heater Problem: The water heater won’t offer hot water if the plumbing fixtures are corrupt. In this case, daily household chores such as bathing, washing, and cleaning is going to be disrupted.

What To Do In Plumbing Emergencies

The emergency plumbers in OKC need a minimal time to reach your construction, they are not Superman. So, you have to give them the necessary moment. Follow these tips to handle the situation before handing it to the plumbers.

1. Keep an emergency kit at your home. Equip the kit using a regular plunger, wrenches, a multipurpose screwdriver, an assortment of Allen keys, duct and sealing tape, blind caps, and heavy-duty paper towels.

2. Know the location of the main water shutoff valve and turn it down.

3. Turn off the water heater.

4. Switch the isolation valves off at least once a year to maintain them in great working condition.

5. Always use chemical cleaners wisely; choose a cleaner that will not corrode the pipes.

6. Keep separate garbage bins at home to throw leftover food and dispose of them timely. Utilize a separate bin for grease.

7. Take care of the faucets regularly. If there is mineral rust or water pools out of them, there might be a plumbing issue.

8. Always clean debris that may clog the drain and cause a plumbing emergency at your home.

9. Always assess the sewer line, gutter, etc., as rodents may construct nests there. If that is not averted, pipes may leak and break.

10. Finally, check the expiration dates of your plumbing fixtures and change them as required.