You’re likely to have had an unpleasant experience with a sewer line problem if you own a home.

Hiring A Long Beach Plumber

Long Beach plumbers are most likely to tell you what caused it. It doesn’t mean that it is always a good idea for you to flush it.

Outside Elements

Long Beach Plumbers warn that wood from your yard and neighbor’s can become porous materials in a sewer line. Water won’t flow if there is too much debris.

It is important to flush everything. Anything that doesn’t easily break down can be grabbed and held on to.

Pipes Clogged

Long Beach plumbers will also tell you that toilet paper is designed to dissolve in the septic and sewer systems.

Bathroom paper of ultra and plush varieties tend to take longer to dissolve and absorb water. They often become globs of paper just before reaching the main sewer line.

Toilet paper clumps can’t pass through your plumbing as well as sit in your line like saliva wads on college ceilings. You can see how toilet paper can cause problems when combined with sewer roots.

Feminine Hygiene Products

Maybe not the applicators, but the Tampons (which almost all women know aren’t flushable), regardless of how the cotton/rayon Tampon is, should not be flushed.

They are small enough that they can pass through the waste traces. However, they don’t disintegrate or break down like paper products. Long Beach plumbers recommend wrapping them in toilet paper, just as you would feminine pads. Then throw them away at the curb. If roots get in the way of the tampons, they can cause a blockage.

Other products that can cause clogs

Other items, even if they say they can be flushed, can actually cause problems in your sewer.

It is better to dispose of it in the trash than flush it down the drain. This applies to products such as cotton balls/swabs, dental floss, and other similar items.