A leaking bathtub can cause more problems than you might think. It can also be costly and wasteful. How can you locate a leak in your bathtub?
We’ll show you how to identify if the leak is a simple fix that you can do by yourself or whether you need to call a plumber to fix it.
First and foremost, identify the source of the leak. The tub could leak in one of these places:

  • The faucet
  • The grout is around the tub’s sides.
  • The drain
  • The pipes

Some of these require simple repairs. You can purchase a drain plug to temporarily stop the water from leaking down your drain. A leaking faucet can be fixed quite easily by you. However, a licensed plumber is required to repair some leaks such as a major leak in the grout or pipes.

How can I determine which part of my bathtub is leaking?

  • First, make sure the bathtub’s exterior is dry.
  • Next, place newspaper, paper towels or towels around the tub’s base.
  • Turn on the drain and fill the tub.
  • Pay attention to the newspaper and see if it becomes wet.
  • If the tub fills up but the tub’s exterior remains dry, it is likely that the grout is not leaking. The good news is that the tub’s exterior is perfectly fine.
  • Keep the room still and listen. Is there water running down the drain?
  • It is possible that the drain was not installed correctly or needs attention as it ages.

If the drain looks clean and the grout seems fine, it is likely that the leak is coming from the pipes underneath the bathtub. This may seem like a simple fix but a licensed plumber will be required to diagnose and inspect the problem.

How do I fix a leaky bathtub faucet?

Most bathtub faucet leaks occur due to worn-out internal seals. This is an easy fix.

  • Turn off the water supply to your tub
  • To remove faucet handles, use a screwdriver
  • To inspect the entire faucet, remove any buildup and clean it out.
  • To remove any mineral deposits from the valves, use white vinegar and a scrubber
  • Rinse any parts in good condition and note any parts that require replacement.
  • If all parts are in good condition, put them back together and attach your faucet.

If you don’t want to spend the time cleaning out your bathtub, you could go to a hardware shop to get a replacement faucet.

Is a tiny leak in a bathtub really important?

It’s important for homeowners to remember that a leaking pipe under your bathtub is not a major problem. However, if one pipe leaks, it can often be a sign that other pipes are leaking. Your water lines are likely to be the same age so if one pipe is weak, it could also be in other pipes. If any of these pipes were to leak, it could cause severe damage to your home.