Leaking bathtubs are more than annoying. They can also cause water damage, which can lead to expensive repairs. How do you discover if your bathtub is leaking? Today, we will walk you through the steps to find out if this is an easy fix that you can do yourself or if you need to have it fixed by a professional plumber.
The first step in identifying the source of the problem is to find it. You might see the following signs that your tub may leak:
  • The faucet
  • The grout (around tub sides)
  • The drain
  • The pipes

Some of these may have easy fixes. A drain plug can be used to temporarily stop water from entering your drain. Your leaking faucet can also be repaired easily at home. You will need to hire a Long Beach plumber to fix serious leaks such as those in the grout and pipes.

How can I find out which part is leaking in my tub?

  • First, dry the tub’s exterior.
  • Lay down newspaper, towels or paper towels around the tub’s base.
  • Plug the drain and then fill the tub.
  • You should carefully examine the newspaper to determine if any gets wet and, if so where.
  • If the tub fills, but the tub exterior stays dry, the leak isn’t in the grout.
  • Listen carefully while you keep the room quiet. Are you hearing water seeping through the drain?
  • It’s possible the drain wasn’t installed correctly or it needs attention as it ages.

If the drain appears to be well sealed and the grout looks fine, the leak may be coming from beneath the bathtub. Although it may seem simple, a Long Beach plumber will be required to diagnose and fix the problem.

How can I fix a leaking bathtub faucet?

Worn out bathtub faucet seals are the most common cause of leakage. This is an easy fix.

  • Turn off the water in your tub
  • You can remove the faucet handles with a screwdriver
  • You can take apart the faucet to inspect every part and remove any deposits.
  • To clean the valves of mineral deposits, you can use white vinegar and scrubber
  • Rinse all parts in good condition. Note any parts that may need to be replaced.
  • If you have all the parts, put them together again and fix your faucet.

If your bathtub faucet needs to be replaced, you can also visit a hardware store to pick one up.

Do Tiny Bathtub Leaks Really Matter?

A leaking pipe underneath your bathtub can be a problem for homeowners. But if it is, it could indicate that others are leaking. Because your water lines are all of the same age, you can notice weakness in any one pipe. It’s also possible in other pipes. You could also have serious problems if some pipes leak.