What is the average time a person spends on the toilet during their lifetime? Google can provide a quick answer that ranges from one year to three years.It can feel like an eternity if your toilet isn’t flushing properly or there are frequent stoppages. These are signs you may want to replace your toilet in Long Beach, CA instead of fixing it.


You might be unhappy that the plunger is getting into your most important bathroom instrument, the toilet. To resolve your problem, you should schedule an appointment with your plumber.

Cracked Porcelain

Porcelain can develop hairline cracks over time. Although they may appear harmless, you will soon see the damage that these cracks can cause when they become leaking and go unnoticed. And even worse, it breaks entirely!

Cleaning smashed porcelain

The porcelain will get more worn/scratched the longer you wait to clean it. This will make it harder to clean the surface completely, and no one wants to do this job for longer than is necessary.

Constant Repair

Sometimes, it is possible to make minor repairs that will extend the life expectancy of your toilet. You might want to replace the lid if you lift the bathroom lid too often.

A new look

The bathroom is an important space in your home. It is a room we wake up to every morning and visit several times per day. It is a common question that guests ask to be directed to it. Both in appearance and efficiency, toilets have advanced greatly.