Ask your child what their favorite superpower is. Ask your child about their favorite superpower. They’ll likely choose flying or invisibility. Many plumbing issues are hidden behind walls, in corners or out of sight. By looking for leaks, you can save money and keep your home safe.

These five signs indicate that your house is leaking.

An increase in your water bills Unexpected increases in water bills could indicate a hidden leak inside your home.

Look out for water damage

Mold can cause serious health problems, including a musty stench. Look out for water spots in floors, ceilings and walls.

Wet spots in your yard The sewer line runs underground from your home to the municipal main The sewage contents could seep into the soil.

The same rules apply to the underground pipe connecting to your septic tanks.

A continuously running water meter Next, put your ear near the water meter. This will indicate that water is being drawn into your home. This could be a sign of a leak.

Foundation cracks – It is common for a house to settle. This can cause small but usually harmless cracks in the foundation. Cracks that appear quickly could be a sign of a leak behind your walls. This can lead to more damage and spread.