Every homeowner fears the day when their home is flooded by water or a burst pipe. Not only will you have to fix the plumbing problem, but you also need to protect your possessions.

Pipes should not be allowed to freeze. If cold-water pipes are not drained, they can freeze in direct contact with exterior walls.

When you go on vacation, shut off the water supply. Insulate exterior walls to prevent freezing pipes and inspect the condition of insulation.

Visual inspections

Check all pipes for signs of corrosion, buckling or water pooling in your home.

It is crucial to replace small parts: Water could be leaking from the faucet. This could be a worn washer or gasket, O-ring, or a leaky faucet.

Water heater maintenance

Verify that your warranty is still valid. If not, get your water heater replaced by its original manufacturer.

Check the connections of pipes. You may need to call a professional to have your drain checked and diagnosed.