Here are some tips from our plumbers for winter plumbing emergencies.

A Pipe Burst

Turn off the main water supply. You can lower the pressure by opening the faucets at the lowest level of your house, which is usually the basement. Re-energize the main line so cold water can be used during pipe repairs. If water is not being used, turn off the heater.

Frozen Sink Drain

Our Long Beach plumbers suggest that you fill your sink with very hot water and a few spoonfuls of salt.

Clogged Kitchen Drain

Grease is what causes most sink clogs. Let the water cool down, then place a stopper in one of the bowls and plunge on the other side.

Bathtub Clogs

If you are unable to drain the drain, you can use a rag to cover it.

Sewer Issues

Drains can back up sometimes due to a sewer problem. If the sump pump is not unplugged, sewage could flow into the drain.

Toilet Plugged

For a small to moderate clog, a plunger is the best option. However, a closet auger can be used for more stubborn clogs. It can be dangerous.

No Hot water

No hot running water. It is possible that something is wrong with the heater. Turn off any gas-fired devices to check if the pilot light is on. Long Beach Plumbers recommend that you follow the instructions to relight the unit. Flip the correct circuit switch to “on”

Lower Water Pressure

Our Long Beach plumbers recommend that you check your water heater for leakage. If your unit is gas-fired, flip the switch to turn off the gas control valve.