Pipeline corrosion is a common problem in the plumbing industry. This problem occurs in both residential and commercial plumbing systems, according to Long Beach plumbers. No matter if it’s a gas, sewer, or water line; this problem can be caused by any pipeline. Even corrosion-resistant pipe material isn’t immune to rusting or leaks. What can one do?

These are three ways to prevent corrosion of your pipelines in your home or workplace.

Make sure you are ensuring the quality of your water

Pipeline corrosion is greatly influenced by calcium and magnesium. These minerals can cause corrosion of the piping system. Hard water is a sign that your pipes are already damaged.

You can identify hard water by rusty stains in your toilet bowls, orange water coming from your pipes, and unusually dry skin or hair. Our Long Beach Plumbers indicate you have your water analyzed to figure out its hardness level.

Water from any source, public or private, is susceptible to hardening. Even though the likelihood of having hard water is higher if your water comes from a private well, it’s still possible to get water from that system. Although small amounts of hard water are not something you should worry about, moderately to very hard water is something you need to address immediately. Two great ways to protect your pipes and state your water are installing a water filter system or a water softener.

You should always check your water stress

You might be wrong if you believe that too much water pressure is possible. Many people are concerned about water pressure. However, water pressure can put a lot of stress on pipes.

This stress can lead to corrosion over time. Our Long Beach Plumbers say that if you have high or inconsistent water pressure, these are issues that need addressing immediately. To test your water pressure, contact a Long Beach plumber. Follow the instructions of the plumber to fix the problem and protect your plumbing.

Routine Drain Cleaning

Clogs are the fastest way to corrode pipes. Clogs that are deep-seated can cause pressure to build up on pipes. Most Local Long Beach Plumbers will tell you that even the strongest pipes experience problems after a while. It is best to be proactive to avoid this problem. Regular drain cleaning keeps pipes in good condition for many years.

  • How often do drain cleaning services need to be called?
  • That depends on many things. Is it a residential plumbing system or a commercial one? Commercial plumbing systems are subject to greater wear and tear. They often need to be cleaned more frequently.
  • The second is how can you take care of your plumbing system.
  • Do you pay attention to what goes down the toilet and what goes in the sink?

If you are, most Long Beach Plumbers will tell you that yearly drain cleaning keeps you one step ahead of pipe corrosion. Most people treat their drains and toilets the same as grease interceptors or trash cans. This is why twice-a-year drain cleaning is recommended.