Gas leaks can be extremely frightening. Natural gas can be dangerous. Children younger than 5 years old can be kept simple, but they should know that they need to leave the house if there are any signs. Knowing the signs of a gas leak can save your life or the lives of loved ones. Let’s take a look at the signs and steps you can take to ensure your safety.


Natural gas has no smell. If you do sense something unpleasant, but it is not your dog’s scent, you should:

  • Remove vulnerable family members from their home
  • Turn off your gas at home
  • All electrical appliances that can start a fire must be turned off

Once your family has evacuated safely, call your local gas company Notifying fire department is also a good idea.


A gas leak could be the reason your green thumb isn’t working. Your plants may start to wilt or die without apparent cause. Make sure you open as many doors and windows as possible before you inspect your gas lines.

If you notice a sudden or severe wilting, evacuate your home immediately and turn off the gas supply before calling a professional. If you suspect the leak is serious, notify the gas company or the fire department.


If you notice that your gas lines are damaged or have become corroded, it is important to turn them off immediately. If the gas leak is severe, notify authorities before calling a gas repair company.

Invisible gas leaks can be extremely frightening. Experts can spot potential problems in your gas lines before they become a danger to your family. Talking to your family about potential gas leaks and having evacuation plan in place can increase your chances of them being detected and taken care of.