A main sewer line obstruction can cause serious damage to your house. It will slow down your drains and create backups. A main sewer line obstruction can cause serious water damage if left untreated. However, it is possible to clear a main line clog safely.

Although it is not advised to attempt to clean any main sewer lines on your own, there are some home remedies that can be used to remove a blockage in smaller connections before calling a Long Beach Plumber.

  • Take a deep breath: If you see a slow drain, such as in your toilet, sink or bathtub, use a plunger. This will help to remove any obstructions. Your plunger may have worked if the slow drains and high water levels subside.
  • Snake it up Slowly twist the drain snake clockwise to reach the drain you suspect is blocked. Turn the snake counterclockwise as you pull it out. Be careful, drain snakes could get stuck in your drain. You might be able to clean your smaller connecting lines if you are able to pull the snake out.
  • Check your vent: Pressure can block your main sewer line drains from draining. You can release pressure by going up to your roof with a retrieval tool or garden hose.

How the pros clean a main sewer line clog

If none of these methods work, you should call a professional Long Beach Plumber. Do not attempt to clean your main sewer line by yourself. Even if equipment is rented, it could cause more damage to your home and pose a risk to your safety.