Great plumbing is easy to take for granted, but when something does happen to go wrong, you soon know about it. It could be a variety of things:

  • Your drains are clogged
  • The HVAC has stopped working
  • Your shower is leaking

And when it needs to be fixed, it generally needs fixing immediately. Most local Long Beach Plumbers will tell you that a few plumbing problems are more serious than others. Nonetheless, all are worth your attention for your peace of mind and your budget.

Common Plumbing Problems

Here are a few of the most common plumbing problems you’ll most likely encounter:

  1. Water hammer: an annoying banging from your pipes, which is usually caused by the water flow suddenly stopping and the water crashing into a valve. A few other causes of noisy pipes are typical water flow, fixings coming loose, and temperature changes. If you are concerned, a local Long Beach Plumber can typically locate the cause.
  2. Clogs and blockages: drainpipes must slope slightly to help rainwater flow right away and wash away debris. If the slope is too flat, clogs can happen as a result. Blocked sinks, basins, showers, tubs, and toilets usually result when the wrong material is deposited in them.
  3. Leaks: toilet, sink, and other fixture water traps and pipes may leak because of the age or because they were not tightened the right way.

The Ones You Don’t Notice

You may not notice these types of specific dangerous problems with your plumbing. This is why a professional can help check your home to find out if it is at risk.

  1. Poor ventilation: water heaters and furnaces must have adequate ventilation to avoid dangerous gases building up in your home. Your family can be at risk if a chimney or vent is clogged or doesn’t have a strong enough draft, and if the room that contains the heater or furnace has a small amount or no ventilation at all.
  2. No grounding: replacing steel water pipes with plastic ones removes the electrical grounding a home. If there is an electrical fault or your house is hit by lightning, unfortunately the electricity has absolutely nowhere to go, leaving your family in danger of electrocution.
  3. No fire shield: when a water heater flue has no fire-resistant shield, any nearby combustible material can catch fire.
  4. Poor seals: an assortment of pipes leave your house through the outer walls, and if the holes aren’t sealed the right way, rain and moisture can leak inside and cause damp and mold.

Act and Help Reduce Plumbing Problems

Popular Mechanics explains how to avoid or fix simple plumbing errors.

  1. Retained disposal plug: after fitting a garbage disposal, try to remove the disposal plug if the unit is connected to a dishwasher, or water will leak everywhere.
  2. Construction materials:try not to pour materials left over from your construction project down the sink. The materials can get hard and clog the pipes.
  3. Incorrect appliance use: it is suggest that you don’t hang heavy racks from your shower fitting or heavily crank faucet handles. Also, don’t turn on a new water heater until it is full.

Our Long Beach Plumbing Experts suggest you treat your appliances kindly to get the best use from them and if you are concerned about your plumbing, book a professional inspection.