A handful of people don’t notice unusual noises coming from there plumbing until after dark when their home is full of activity.

Common Plumbing Noises

Water leaks can be identified by a dripping sound or trickling sound. There is a loud banging sound when you turn on the water. Sometimes, water can cause pipes to burst nearby.

To fix a banging pipe, you can seal them with insulation to create an air cushion. Your water heater makes a popping or rumbling sound. Your heater heats up when sediment builds up, and then releases moisture into your tank. This is why you hear a popping or rumbling sound.

Water heater maintenance can be very important as sediment can cause water heater corrosion.

A sudden sound similar to water running in a drainpipe – Dishwashers, washing machines and other appliances release waste into the drain lines. This is quite normal, even though it may seem odd.