A broken sewer pipe can usually be found easily because of its odor.

It Smells a Bit

Unpleasing sewage smells in your home are a sign that your sewage system is having problems. Although it could seem like a simple clog in a pipe, this will cause unnecessary strain on your entire system and can lead to more problems.

Bill suddenly goes up

Long Beach Plumbers also suggests that your water bill could be an indicator of a damaged pipe. There’s a good chance you have a damaged or broken water pipe on your property.

A skilled Long Beach plumber will know where to look and should be able to find the pipe quickly.

Water Damage

If the damage isn’t too severe, you might be able locate the pipe by looking around for signs and symptoms of water damage. A leaky or cracked pipe is easily identified by puddles under the sink or bathtub.

Damp drywall can also indicate a damaged pipe. To avoid further water damage, you should immediately call a Long Beach plumber if you see any of these signs.

You should also be aware of other serious failures:

Pressure Exposure Clogged pipes can be caused by things like cooking grease, sanitary products and paper towels being flushed down the toilet.

Your plumbing system’s age: Most homes in the US were built between 1950 and 1960. Older pipes are more susceptible to breaking. Tree roots from mature trees located near water lines: Roots of tree plants can find nutrients and water in buried sewer and water lines, and they are common causes of pipe clogs.

Poor drainage is another reason. Clay soil is more corrosive that sandy soil, and minerals can cause pipes to weaken. Flushing corrosive substances: Regular use of drain cleaners and paint remover can cause damage to your indoor plumbing.