A sewage inspection will vary from one home to the next.

Older Sewer Lines

Our Long Beach Plumbers recommend that you pay attention to your system if it is older than 20 years. A new sewer system is not something you want. Although the system is expected to last for several more years, there will be times when it fails. However, you shouldn’t ignore your existing system. Even newer systems can be vulnerable to problems; they are not immune.

You should consider more frequent inspections if there are many trees or shrubbery around your system. It’s amazing how fast roots can enter and exit sewer lines.

Set up an appointment

A majority of homeowners schedule a sewer inspection once a year. A great home is only possible if you schedule an inspection. It is difficult to access your sewer system. It is almost hidden in the floor. It is necessary to hire a professional Long Beach plumber to dig the dirt up. This can be costly at times.

Digging is not always a step that must be taken

Sometimes, a driveway repair doesn’t require digging. You don’t want the sewer drain to be under your driveway, so you shouldn’t take any chances. Keep in mind that many of the sewer systems are located under your driveway. A sewer line inspection is a great time to do if you’re thinking of replacing your driveway.

Camera Inspection

Ask for a camera inspection if you suspect there is a problem. This service is offered by most Long Beach Plumbing Service Providers. This is an inexpensive way to check for possible problems and blockages. It is also a great way of inspecting your system without having to tear up your driveway.