Leakage can cause serious damage to your property. It is important for homeowners to identify water leaks as soon as possible so that they don’t get worse. To avoid any potential damage, water leaks should be detected early. Homeowners will realize the extent of the damage once it is done. These situations can be avoided by being aware of signs of hidden water damage to your property. You can find hidden water leaks using six methods.

Pay close attention to your utility bills

Water bills are a good indicator. It is important to compare the current month with the past. You shouldn’t make any major changes to your bill if there haven’t been any.

View the Exterior Irrigation System

Your irrigation system may be in trouble. Replace the rubber hose gasket if water is seeping through. If the leak persists, a Long Beach plumber may be required to assist you. Because they are underground, some parts of the irrigation system may not be obvious.

Look for Mold Signs

Hidden water leaks can be difficult to spot but are easy to identify. It can be difficult to ignore the moldy odor until you start seeing visible discolorations. Regularly inspect the back of your kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Check your attic for leaks.

Use Food Coloring

The bathroom accounts for more than 30% of your water consumption. You can test for leaks by adding a little food coloring powder. Add a few drops of liquid food coloring to your toilet tank. Allow it to sit for a while.

See the Water Meter

To check for hidden water leaks, homeowners can use their water meter. To check if your meter is still working, turn off the water supply. To repair your pipes, call a Long Beach plumber.