When the drains start to get a little sluggish, many DIY plumbers prefer to tackle this task head-on. They typically head on down to their local Home Depot, buy an economical rooter or snaking instrument, and get to work. Sounds seamless, right? It can actually cause more trouble than it’s worth. Find out why here.

Call Before You Clear — It’s the Law

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a homeowner or a professional plumber; this Toronto law applies to everybody. Before you can delve into your main drain with a snake or rooter, you have to get a plumbing inspection to ensure no gas lines have penetrated your sewer system.

Proceeding without this inspection could put you, your family, and your home in danger as there is a very real chance that you could unknowingly rupture a gas line and create a potentially life-threatening gas explosion.

Don’t discount the”Call before your clear rule” because you think you will be fine. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

Do You Know if it is Safe to Snake?

Even if you do your part and schedule a safety inspection, there may be other risks involved in snaking your main drain beside protruding natural gas lines.

Without the right technology on hand, you don’t know what state your sewer line is in. You don’t even know what caused the clog in the first place. Was it something you flushed down the toilet that was too large for your drains to handle?

Is it the grease and oil that’s been building up in the pipes for years? Or is it that a tree branch actually punctured the sewer line? Any of these causes could be the reason your main drain is blocked.

If it turns out that the tree branch has indeed penetrated the sewer line, a rooter will be futile. The only fix is going to be a drain replacement. As a matter of fact, if there are any cracks in your drains, snaking them is usually frowned upon because the auger could get stuck in one of the cracks, causing much more damage.

Unfortunately, trench-less technology will no longer be an option for drain replacement, leaving excavation as your only way to go.