Low water pressure is when you find it difficult to take a shower or wash dishes, or if the water runs extremely slowly. Low water pressure is a problem that makes it difficult to wash your hair, or to wash pots and pans using a steady trickle of water. If you can identify the root cause of your problems, you can find a solution that will make your low-flow days frustrating and easy to manage.

Low Water Stress Causes & Solutions

#1: Water Leaks – Once your water is leaking, only a small amount of water will reach its destination. This can lead to low water pressure.

Fix the Leak! Besides making water usage in your home miserable, water leaks can also waste water and cause extra water bills. Fairfield plumbers can repair or replace your pipe.

Cause #2 — Mineral & Debris buildup — This can cause water to not flow through your pipes, whether it has caused a fracture in the water main or minerals from the water flowing.

Solution: We can inspect a section of your pipe to determine if there is any debris or mineral buildup that can be flushed away, or if you require a replacement pipe in order to get full use of the pipe.

Cause #3: Corrosion of Pipe — Over the years, galvanized pipes can corrode and block water flow.

Solution: Repiping – Unfortunately, there is no quick fix for pipe corrosion. It may be time for pipe replacements if your water pressure has dropped significantly.

Reason #4: A Shut Off Valve that Isn’t Open All The Way It could have become stuck at one point and isn’t allowing full access to the water supply.

Solution Open The Shut-Off Valve All The Way! This is the simplest and cheapest solution. Just make sure it’s open!