Knowing how to deal with basic plumbing problems can reduce the chances of water damage to your home, not to mention make your life easier. With this in mind, here are seven helpful DIY plumbing tips for Long Beach, CA homeowners:

Fix small problems: Some plumbing issues are hugely problematic from the start. These usually require calling at a professional for assistance and making expensive repairs to the damaged areas of your house. Then there are small issues, such as a lightly leaking faucet or a leaking refrigerator. Leaks are annoying.

Left for a long time, moisture can accelerate wear sinks and encourage mould and mildew development. And don’t discount small puddles of water because of their size–this may mean that water is gradually soaking to the floor.

Be prepared for overflows: It doesn’t matter if water is gushing from the bathroom, bathtub, sink or elsewhere, you have to flip the switch on your home’s main water shutoff valve. The worst-case scenario is that you don’t understand where this valve is located, also it’s in a hard to reach place.

Bearing this in mind, everybody in your household should be exhibited where the main water supply shutoff valve is located and where to quickly find useful tools, like a flashlight, the valve crucial and wrenches.

Locate individual shutoff valves: There’s a main shutoff valve for the home’s water source, but every water feature has its own shutoff valve as well.

On occasion, test yourself by simply locating the shutoff valves on bathrooms, sinks, the washing machine and other water-using appliances. Understanding how to close off the water source for all the individual fixtures can prevent serious water damage.

Watch for water leaks: Small water leaks in Long Beach, CA can become big problems in a short amount of time, so one of the best things any homeowner can do is be alert to the symptoms of water trouble waiting to happen. For example, leaking faucets, leaking refrigerators, damp cabinets underneath sinks and shaky bathrooms are all indicators that call for fast action.

Assess vulnerable plumbing every season: While a majority of plumbing pipes are hidden behind walls and floors, some segments are accessible and visible. You can observe pipes under sinks and tubes operating from washers, all of that homeowners must inspect at the change of each season. Call a plumber at Long Beach, CA for a detailed plumbing system inspection at least one time a year.

Know your home’s pipe material: It’s good to understand what material was utilized to build your plumbing system. Most homes built before 1970 have galvanized iron pipes that can rust and corrode over time, which can cause water to brown and water pressure to fall.

Refresh your understanding : Being able to do basic home maintenance tasks is enabling. This doesn’t mean that you have to register for classes if you’re not certain of the way to do something–the web holds a wealth of information. Whenever you have some basic knowledge of plumbing, you can make small repairs yourself to save time and money and avoid headaches.