The best conveniences of modern times are indoor plumbing in Long Beach, CA. Many people take this for granted, but then something happens and we need to call a plumber.

Numerous things can go wrong when it comes to our toilets and plumbing, but most of the time, they are easily avoided. Many issues can be avoided by making sure nothing is flushed down the toilet that it shouldn’t. Here are the top ten most common items that get flushed down the toilet.

Disposable or flushable wipes are the leading cause of toilet backups. These wipes can be used to clean up but are too thick to flush down the toilet. You shouldn’t flush them, even if they are safe for your sewers or septic system. You can just toss them in your trash. Your plumbing will be grateful!

Paper towels: These towels look similar to the “flushable”, but they are too thick to go down your toilet. Although the paper is biodegradable it is slower than toilet paper. This can cause a clog, and you will need to call Altoona plumbing for affordable services.

Bandages: Because bandages are so small, they should have no trouble using the toilet. But that’s not true! The majority of bandages are made of plastic so they can’t be biodegradable. Although you won’t be able to notice it right away, those bandages can cause clogs in your bathroom.

Expired medication: It won’t cause a blockage by flushing it down the toilet. Your prescription medication could eventually contaminate the water supply.

Water treatment facilities cannot clean out medication from the water. You should take any expired medication to the hospital or health clinic. They can dispose of any prescriptions that are not current.

Grease and fats: Using cooking oil or butter to clean up the mess is a good option. They’re liquids and should not be poured down the toilet. However, the liquid grease can eventually harden and clog your plumbing system in Long Beach, CA.

To fix the problem, you will need to contact a Long Beach plumber. To avoid calling a plumber, you can put your cooking grease in your trashcan.

Hair: Do not assume that hair is an integral part of your body and can be safely drained. Hair will eventually become clogged and bally after a while. Toss all your hair in the trash or better yet, make it compostable!