Do you want to be a plumber or an expert in DIY plumbing?

You can save money by fixing small issues like leaking faucets or overflowing toilets. It will save you money by fixing minor issues before they become major problems that require the expertise of reliable and affordable plumbing professionals in Long Beach, CA.

These are six tips that can be used to quickly fix your plumbing problems. Only basic skills are required and you will need the right tools for each job.

Do not be afraid to replace the inside parts of toilets and faucets

If you make a mistake, removing pipes or fittings from under the sink or shower can create a mess. It is unlikely that a toilet flapper or faucet cartridge will be damaged. Most toilet leaks are caused by worn flappers. Flappers can be purchased at a low cost. Flappers come with easy instructions on how they can be replaced.

You can replace the entire interior part of most faucets with a new cartridge. Only one or two screws will need to be removed. If your toilet is leaking or running frequently, you can get replacement parts.

You can unclog drains without the use of chemicals

Avoid buying expensive chemicals if you notice a slow drain. A plumber’s snake can be used to unclog your drain. The plumber’s snake will be inserted into the blocked drain to hopefully clear it. If you don’t have a plumber’s snake or aren’t interested in the hassle, you can use a dry and wet vacuum to clear the blockage by sucking it out.

For any problems, check the shower-head

Thread tape can be used to fix a dripping shower-head. Shower-heads that drip are usually caused by loose thread connections. Simply unscrew the shower-head that is leaking and then apply new thread tape. Wrap thread tape clockwise. After applying the tape, attach the shower-head again and verify that the drip has stopped.

If your shower-head is clogged, soak it in warm water and vinegar for about an hour. Use a brush to loosen any mineral deposits. Mineral deposits can cause shower-heads to clog.

Use thread sealant compounds sparingly. Instead, use thread tape

Pipe dope or thread sealant compounds may smear and drip over time. For most DIY plumbing projects that require pipe threads, thread tape is a good choice.

Multi-purpose thread tape (the one in white) is an option. Yellow tape is best for connecting gas lines, while pink tape is great for water connections. Pink and yellow tapes are thicker, and easier to work with.

When applying tape to pipe threads, wrap it counterclockwise. You can also use a pen to apply the tape to tight areas if you are unable to wrap it in a clockwise direction. For best results, wrap the tape three times.

Heat-resistant pipe fittings can be removed

Don’t lose heart if you are unable to loosen a pipe joint, or any other plumbing fitting, even with your pipe wrench. Even with extreme strength, it is extremely difficult to get hardened fittings loose.

Heat can be used to loosen solidified sealants. Before you can make any progress, heat must be applied for a few minutes. Cover the heating area with a heat-resistant material to protect the walls. You should heat only metallic water pipes and fittings. Do not attempt to heat plastic pipes or gas supply lines.

Increase the efficiency of your water heating unit

It is important to ensure that your water heater thermostat does not reach the maximum setting. It can be set to 115 degrees without affecting the water temperature.

It will also insulate your water heater tank. This will allow the water to heat up for longer. When insulating the tank, you should not cover the thermostat. There are many inexpensive insulation products that can be installed easily.

You will need to regularly remove sediment if you live in an area where it usually tends to build up quickly in your appliances and plumbing lines. The sediment can be removed by draining a quarter of a quart from your hot water tank every three months. Start by turning off the water heater and water supply to drain the tank.

Place a bucket or a bowl near the tank opening. Open the tank to let the water heat through.

This will eliminate most of the sediment and mineral deposits that have accumulated in the tank. The efficiency of a water heater is affected by sediment accumulation.

It is possible to trust the professionals to handle difficult plumbing tasks. You can however fix minor issues like clogs or leaks. It’s important to have the number of your Long Beach plumber handy in case you need it. Most plumbing problems can be solved by you. You can make a lot of satisfaction by solving your plumbing problems yourself.