Water heaters, like all other essential home equipment have a shelf-life. Water heater maintenance will determine how long your heater will last. Homeowners often neglect to check their water heaters regularly, which can extend its life. It’s hard to imagine a plant living in your home without watering. The plant might survive for some time by simply getting nutrients from the air, but it will not live up to its full potential. The same results can be achieved if you don’t maintain your water heater properly, but at a much higher price. These 5 tips will help you prolong the life of your water heater, and also save money over the long-term.

Water heater maintenance basics

Maintenance is difficult if you can’t identify the number of water heaters in your house and where they are located. Locate your water heaters first. Then, familiarize yourself with their basic mechanics. Are you familiar with the location of your water supply and electric cutoffs? Make it your mission to discover the location of the water supply and electrical cutoffs. You can turn off your gas supply if there is an emergency. To ensure that your water heaters are maintained at a high level, it is important to understand how they interact with other household supplies.

Make sure you are checking your blood pressure

Water heater maintenance is dependent on pressure. Your system can be damaged if the pressure is higher than 90 psi. Some systems do not have the ability to monitor water pressure with an external device. It is your responsibility to maintain optimal pressure in an older water heater.

Many water heaters can be used with pressure regulator valves. If you wish to maintain your water heater, and any other dependent appliances, in good condition, you should look into this option.

This is an important step in water heater maintenance. Poor pressure control can cause a domino effect that could compromise your whole system.

Control scaling

Water softeners are a great way of reducing the amount of minerals in your water heater. Use a water softener that conforms to manufacturer guidelines. Follow the instructions to add the softener to your tank. You don’t want to damage your water heater while trying to maintain it.

Water heater maintenance also includes temperature control. The less likely that mineral deposits will form in your water heater, the lower the water temperature.

You can check to make sure that the tank temperature is controlled. If it is, you might consider installing applications that control the water temperature in the heater. You could save yourself the hassle of replacing an entire system for a modest cost.

Preventing Expansion

Your water heater has a finite amount of space, so it will eventually wear out. An expansion tank can be installed to reduce the pressure on your system. An expansion tank allows excess water to drain, reducing pressure on your system. The expansion tank is a great addition to automatic water heater maintenance. It allows for more breathing space and provides additional benefits. Your home maintenance budget will benefit if you do not have to do as much work to make sure your water heater lasts. You save money in the long-term by not spending as much.

Hiring a professional

A professional Long Beach plumber is the best way to ensure water heater maintenance. There are many types of water heaters, each with their own challenges. A professional Long Beach Plumber can save you from the worry and stress that your water heater might fail.