We are sure that you don’t like clogged toilets. A clogged toilet is a nightmare. There are two reasons why I don’t like the idea of water leaking over the toilet’s edge and the tedious task of using a plunger. Most clogged toilet problems can be avoided. Avoiding plumbing problems is possible by taking preventive measures.

Take Care of the Things You Put in the Toilet

Here are some things you shouldn’t flush down the toilet.

  • Toilet paper in excess
  • Toilet paper that is not bio-degradable
  • Products for the female genitals
  • To name a few, baby wipes

These items are the worst enemies of drainage systems.

Bathroom trash cans are worth the investment

If you are unsure, use less toilet tissue and dispose of any other products elsewhere. These situations are especially helpful when you have a trashcan for the bathroom.

Keep a toilet plunger handy

Plumbing problems are not always avoidable. If you are faced with a blocked toilet, make sure you have a handy tool like a plunger nearby. While this may not be the most enjoyable thing to do it can help with a plumbing issue.

A Sewer Drain Snake is the Best Option If All Other Options Are Failing

After a few attempts with the plunger, the toilet may still be clogged. A sewer snake is your next step. A sewer snake can be purchased at your local hardware shop. Non-commercial sewer snakes (those that are less expensive) may not have the same length, strength, or blade attachments as licensed plumbers. You can also access your clog from several entrance points.