Most people try to fix a blocked drain by themselves. However, they end up calling a Long Beach plumber if things don’t go according to plan. Many DIY drain cleaning techniques don’t work and some do more harm than good. We urge you to reconsider if you’re considering giving one of these methods a shot.

Shooting water down your drain with the gardenhose — Many people feel that the water strain from the gardenhose will unclog your drain.

It’s more likely than you think.A — Get water everywhere. B — Damage your plumbing pipes. Or C — Go through a lot of trouble that does nothing.

Drain cleaning chemicalsWe are disgusted by the fact that drain cleaning chemicals from the store end have been brought into our homes.

Children, pets, and any other person who might be exposed to the liquid can be seriously injured. They will not work on a blocked drain and repeated use (as you may end up having to) could cause damage to your pipes.

Drain augersAn auger is useful in the hands a professional plumber, but if used in an amateur’s hands it can cause serious damage to a pipe. They are not recommended for larger pipes.

Grab a coat hanger and shave the blockage at the drain.This idea deserves a great scolding. This will make it more likely that you end up with a bent coat hanger clinging to your drain.