Are you plagued by a blocked bathtub drain? Do you have a constantly flooding bathroom because of it? It’s not uncommon. This unfortunate event happens to a few people every day. But don’t worry! There are a variety of ways to block the drain of your bathtub without using a plug. We will discuss 3 methods to block a bathtub drain, without using a plug. So, let’s begin!

Try to Use Empty Coffee Capsules

Coffee capsules can be very useful for your home. They are indeed useful! They make great bathtub drain stoppers! They are perfect for preventing water from leaking onto the bathtub floor. It is easy to use an empty capsule of just the right size to close your drain opening. This is a great solution if you’re in a rush and don’t know what else to plug your drain with.

How to Use a Lid

A lid is another way to block your bathtub’s drain. If your drain opening is small, this lid can be used to block it. You only need a strong lid that can cover your drain, such as a container lid or jar lid. You can place it over the opening with one hand and keep it there. The other hand should pour the water over the top of the tub until it is full. You must make sure that the lid is tight and free from holes. You will have a flood-prone bathroom again!

Use a Plastic Bag

A plastic bag is the last method to block a bathtub’s drain. This is a great way to block large drains. You will need a thick, sturdy plastic bag that can hold water and not break. After the bag has filled, tie a knot at the top and place it on the drain opening. Allow it to sink until the tub fills up. Once you’re done, take the bag out and empty it into the toilet. Voila! Now your bathroom is flood-free