Extreme heat and severe storms can cause significant damage to your plumbing system. Main sewer lines are often backed up by storms. Extreme weather conditions, such as extreme heat and high temperatures can cause major sewer line clogging. The problem does not arise from the weather. The root problem is caused when tree roots grow in the sewer pipes.


What are the signs that your main sewer line is backed up? These three signs can help you identify the problem:

  1. The foul-smelling smell from the drains.
  2. S Low draining laundry lines and bathtubs.
  3. Other fixtures connected to the main line can cause water backup, such as in showers or toilets.


Damage to main sewer lines and backups may seem easy to put off. If roots aren’t removed quickly, sewage can back-up into your bathtubs and sinks. Main sewer line maintenance can be very important because it transports waste from your household drains into a sewage treatment facility.

A skilled Long Beach Plumber will fix any sewer backups or damage to main lines. Be aware of signs of sewer backups in the last week of summer.