Long Beach Plumbing says, if you want to maintain your home’s foundation strong for years in the future, it’s important for one to hold water far, far away from this.

You can safeguard your home’s foundation by preventing water from coming in contact with it from the surface.

You can also take steps to reduce moisture from gathering in your basement and affecting your foundation from the within.

Tips To Follow:

Regular Maintenance – Long Beach Plumbing

Long Beach Plumbing says, if your gutters are all clogged up with debris or desperate need of repair, they wont be able to take rainwater and ship it down your down spouts and away from your home.

Water will soon be left to build up inside of one’s gutters whenever it rains.

While this happens, there is just so much water your gutters can endure.

Eventually, the water on your gutters will begin to spill out across the sides and land close to your home.

This will inevitably lead to water pooling around your foundation, and if you never do anything about it, then moisture may start to seep in to your foundation.

Clean your gutters at least one time or twice every year and make repairs into a gutter procedure as necessary.

Downspouts To Direct Water Away

Long Beach Plumbing says, use downspouts to Direct Water Away From Your Home

Your gutter system might be working just fine.

But if your home’s down-spouts aren’t taking water and moving it away from your home, it may possibly all be for nothing.

Your down spouts should be designed to take water from the gutters and move it at least 10 feet away from the foundation.

This will prevent the water from finding its way back into your foundation, even when it rains hard for hours and hours.

If your downspouts aren’t doing this right now, you need to either have them redesigned to go water away from your home more effectively, or purchase downspout extensions that can carry water as far from your home as you want.

Doing either of these things will prevent water from building up around your home’s foundation in a rainstorm.

Securing Foundation Slopes

Take a peek at the floor surrounding your foundation.

Does this appear to be sloping in the direction of one’s home?

If so, this is always a recipe for disaster.

The ground is going to encourage water to move in the direction of your foundation instead of away from your home.

This will make sure that the bottom carries water away from your home rather than towards it.