Long Beach Plumbers say, you shouldn’t attempt water damage restoration yourself.

The issue isn’t simply cleaning and removing the water.

Even if you have gotten all the water removed from an area and you also can’t find left any does not mean it hasn’t cause extensive damage to construction materials that are saturated with that.

Mold will start to develop, wood will rot, and drywall will start to crumble.

The First 48 – Long Beach Plumbers

Long Beach Plumbers say, mold can start to be a challenge within 48 hours after damage if professional remediation isn’t already underway.

So do not wait to contact us now to start the procedure.

Yet there are ways that you can help you before people arrive.

You should clean up and remove as much visible water as you can to avoid continuing damage.

The Clean Up

Long Beach Plumbers say, you can put towels down to simply absorb smaller amounts of water.

Although, you may need to have these towels disinfected afterwards to remove any contamination.

Remove all moveables from the area to prevent them from sustaining damage, as well as to deliver the restorers space to move.


Don’t attempt to use heaters to dry the affected area!

Whether its plug space heaters or just a hair dryer, this is not simply ineffectual at removing water damage, it is potentially dangerous.

Don’t turn to the furnace at high blast as a way to”dry ” parts of the house either.